The Institute has an air-conditioned Computer Lab for student. The lab holds 25 personal computers & 1 powerful server. Students may use the lab to do project work or research, generate print output, and to practice using software applications commonly found in the workplace. A internet connection is also available in Computer Lab. A lab monitor is available to assist students with computer related issues 
Labs (Science, Psychology, Technology Labs) 
To make the public teacher technically sound according to the need of the time College Labs are all well equipped so as to help the pupil teachers to under stand fundamentals and thus enable them to analyze design new projects in the field of Education. 
Science Labs 
The Lab is equipped with various models different type of apparatus testing materials. Our physics, chemistry, Bio, technology Laboratories have all the equipment in sufficient quantity so that each pupil teacher can perform his practical individually. 
SS Lab : This lab consists Atlas of India and Maps of India and world. 
Language Lab :  

TA Lab : This lab containing different charts, models which are helpful in different teaching papers. 
Educational Technologies and Audio visual and aids Lab : This lab containing overhead Projector, Slide Projector (Manual & Automatic) Epidiascope, DVD Player, TV & PA System. 
Chalk Board Writing Lab :  
Gardening Lab : Containing pots of different size and coloration & gardening instruments like Kassi, Khurpa, Tasla and different size paint brushes.